Last Week at Phila-Locksmith

News wise we had a very quite week here at Phila-Locksmith, however our locksmith were more than busy handling a range of customer requests throughout the week. We’ll take a look back at what locksmith news and notes we have from the past week and review some of the major points that occurred in each event.

July 30th – Man Formerly Accused of Drug Trafficking Sues Ford

The week started off with quite an interesting story that had broken the previous weekend. A man who was accused of drug trafficking is now suing Ford because he says that their car key codes are too easily accessible to criminals. What happened to the West Texas man was that someone cut extra keys to his vehicle and then placed drugs inside so that he would unknowingly take them across the Mexican border. We reviewed the procedures that Ford takes in releasing their car key codes and found there is not much more that can be done on their end to prevent criminals from accessing keys and that incidents like this are extremely rare and difficult for criminals to pull off.

August 1st – Why is key programming so important?

On Thursday we took a look at key programming and why this is such a crucial part of automotive security. In order for many new vehicles to properly operate with a new key, or even an existing one, it must be programmed to that specific vehicle in order for it to work. It increases the level of security for the owners vehicle since now it is much more difficult for criminals to make a replacement car key or to hot wire the vehicle.

August 4th – Our Locksmiths Make Us

On Sunday we payed tribute to our locksmith technicians who are the backbone of Phila-Locksmith. There is a whole team behind the Phila-Locksmith brand that works tirelessly to bring you professional locksmith service, however we recognize that no one is more important than our locksmiths. They are the face of Phila-Locksmith and are one of the many reasons that we are renowned for customer service. Covering a city such as Philadelphia, 24/7, can be extremely tiring but luckily Phila-Locksmith has the most committed locksmiths who are here to help customers 24/7, 365.

With only one wacky locksmith news story occurring this past week we saw quite the slow week on our blog, however we are always happy to provide more educational information to our customers, as well as other individuals, no matter the subject content. It is rare that we at Phila-Locksmith have time to set aside to thank our technicians for all of the hard work they do, but it should be known that their efforts have not gone unnoticed by the rest of the Phila-Locksmith team and our customers.


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