Man Formerly Accused of Drug Trafficking Sues Ford

VIA Lubbock Avalanche-Journal – A Texas man who was cleared of drug trafficking charges after previously being convicted of those charges is now turning a lawsuit against car manufacturer Ford. The man, Richardo Magallanes, says that Ford does not have effective counter measure to prevent criminals from getting key codes to cut car keys.

The whole incident began in 2011 when drug traffickers allegedly used a locksmith to make copies of the keys to Richardo’s car. They do so without the knowledge of Mr. Magallanes, and then planted drugs inside of his car to be unknowingly taken across the Mexico-United States border. While this is feasible we at Phila-Locksmith wanted to take a look at how successful of a suit Richardo may have to bring against the Ford motor company. In order to really get to the truth we would need more details on the case however there are a few situations that we have come up with in which criminals would be able to get their hand on the all important key codes.

For starters the key code is so important because it is necessary to use in order to make the correct cuts to a replacement car key for the vehicle. One possibility that could have happened was that the drug traffickers had a locksmith who was in on the commission of the crime. It is not possible for a client to purchase a key code without being a registered as a locksmith with the company, but the company they must register with is not Ford Motors. Ford motors has their key codes distributed to locksmiths through other supplier companies, an individual looking to purchase a car key code would have to be a registered member of the Associated Locksmith of America as well as provide other documentation proving that they are in fact, a locksmith.

So we now have it covered that you must be registered as a locksmith in order to purchase a key code like this, but that is not all that must be done in order for a car key code to be produced. In addition to registering the locksmith is also required to verify that it is the owner of the car that they are providing the car key to and they must also verify the VIN of the vehicle. The only other way that a criminal would be able to get a car key code would be if they were in cahoots with a member of Ford’s service department then that individual would be able to get the car key code, but obviously this is unlikely.

People have won ridiculous court cases before, but it seems as though the suit against Ford is a bit weak. Since you must be registered as a locksmith and must also buy the key code through a separate company other than Ford, it seems that they would be devoid of any blame in this situation. Another bad apple in the locksmith industry seems to be to blame, the best that car owners and Mr. Magallanes can hope for is possibly increased background checks on those who wish to become locksmiths.


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