Last Week at Phila-Locksmith

We’re day late but not a dollar short with our week in review. We’ll take a look at what we had going on at Phila-Locksmith this week and we will review some of the stories that we covered.

July 23rd – Don’t Make A Mountain Out of a Molehill

To start the week we looked at the benefits of completing a garage door repair before it becomes too serious an issue. In addition to this we also shared out tips for any weekend warrior who would wish to complete the garage door repair themselves. Preventative maintenance and smaller repairs are paramount in making sure that   Remember that garage door repairs can be difficult and it is wise to use a professional if you are not properly trained or experienced.

July 24th – Different Brands Offer Different Security

Midweek we took a look at some of the major brands that produce locks and what type of security they are generally used for. Each brand offers its own unique advantages and its own weaknesses, Phila-Locksmith can help you make the right decision on the type of lock you need to have installed. In this article we look specifically at Medeco locks, Master locks and Mul-T-Lock.

July 25th – Rogue Locksmith fined Large Sum in Atlanta

A rogue locksmith company which was quoting customers a price of $20 on the phone and then charging as much as $200 on the scene was fined over $100,000. The decision was handed down by the Georgia state office of Consumer Protection. Along with paying the fine, the company was also forced to pay restitution to a handful of customers. Locksmiths like these continue to give the industry a terrible name when it comes to customer service and treating people the right way.

July 26th – Common Locksmith Services at Phila-Locksmith

On Friday we offered a list of some of the most common lock problems that you may run into and what type of service is required to make the repair. In the article we cover Chrysler cars, garages and the possibility of damage when trying to unlock your own car door.

Continue to check back with us at Phila-Locksmith for the latest news and notes from our company and the locksmith industry. If there is any specific locksmith topic you would like written about you can send requests by e-mail or through the comment section. For the latest offers as well as money saving coupons and discounts follow us on twitter @Phila-Locksmith or like us on Facebook.


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