Common Locksmith Services at Phila-Locksmith

Your key is not turning in the ignition? You’re likely not alone, at Phila-Locksmith we see specific services that are commonly requested for certain vehicles or lock models. If you are having an issue with your car or security system, it may be due to one of the issues that are listed below. All of these issues have been seen by our professional locksmiths and can help you figure out exactly what is wrong with your security system and help you get on the right track to having it repaired or replaced.

Chrysler Ignition Getting Stuck

One common issue that our locksmiths have seen is with mid-2000’s Chrysler make vehicles. There is an issue common among these vehicles that can cause the ignition to get stuck and not properly turn in the ignition. This obviously leaves the car completely inoperable. What our locksmiths have had to do in this case is replace the ignition and then provide the driver with a new replacement car key for their vehicle. There is an alternative to contacting a mobile service locksmith to complete this service, but it involves having to tow your vehicle to the dealership for repairs.

Broken Garage Spring

When a spring breaks in the garage many weekend warriors feel that their is no need for outside help and they should be able to repair or replace the spring by themselves. Unless you are experienced in this type of repair it is highly discouraged. Garage doors carry a lot of weight and it needs to be evenly distributed properly among the spring and frame to avoid future damage, In addition to this it can be very easy to injure yourself when attempting to replace the spring, the best call is to someone you know who has experience replacing springs or to call a local professional with garage door experience, like Phila-Locksmith.

Popping Open Car Doors

Sticking a wire hanger into the window slot easily opens your car door, it is in movies after all. This is completely wrong. Attempting to unlock your own vehicle using a wire hanger or anything of the like can be extremely damaging to the vehicle’s window and lock parts. Avoid further charges from repair shops by choosing a professional locksmith to open your car door safely. After all the cost of a lock out pales in comparison to the damage that could possibly be done to the vehicle.

Overall the main key is to make sure that you are knowledgeable about a repair before you are attempting to complete it. You would not let yourself complete a medical procedure on yourself, so why try to complete service yourself to save a dime when it could cost you a rather large sum in the future. Professional companies that you choose to complete your service are not only more likely to complete them correctly but they also are insured in case of any troubles, unlike the legendary weekend warrior.


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