Rogue Locksmith fined Large Sum in Atlanta

Across the nation the issue of rogue locksmiths is being combated. A rogue locksmith is a company which uses unfair or dishonest advertising factors to deceive their customers. The issue of rogue locksmiths has seen a decrease across the nation as we see state governments taking a more active role in stepping up to punish such locksmiths. A great example of this is the Atlanta Solutions Locksmith which recently found itself in hot water following the investigative reporting of a local news team. This news team called this locksmith company multiple times during 2011 and 2012 to complete locksmith service and found they were quoting prices of near $20 on the phone and then asking for $140 upon the completion of the service.

Today a decision was handed down by the state’s office of Consumer Protection which fined Atlanta Solutions Locksmith a total of over $111,000 for their unscrupulous behavior. When looking closer at the fine you will see that over $11,000  was awarded as restitution to 46 customers and then an additional $100,000 in civil fines for their unscrupulous behavior. While Phila-Locksmith hates to see locksmith continually tarnish the name of the locksmith industry it is good to see that the state government, in Georgia at least, is taking an active role in shutting them down.

There are multiple ways to defend yourself from falling into the trap of a locksmith such as this. One of the easiest ways to do so is to choose a professional locksmith that will be your go to call when you do need service. This allows you to properly research a company without having to do so in a rush while you are locked out. If you are calling a locksmith for the first time there are some ways to tell if a locksmith is likely an unscrupulous company. Pressing for a full price can be a good way to tell if a company is honest or not. Most companies, including Phila-Locksmith, provide estimates over the phone however when pushed for a more exact price, the company should provide you with one. In addition to this, do not get suckered in by extremely low prices! If a company claims to offer “professional” technicians but claims that the installation of a lock will total $20 then you are not receiving an accurate price estimation. The price has to include the supplies cost, transportation as well as the technicians labor and time, so to claim that a professional would sacrifice that for $20 is completely untrue and you are likely to face some shock when faced with the bill later on.

So remember, ask specific questions and if it sounds too good to be true then it likely is too good to be true!


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