Different Brands for Different Security

Most customers that we service at Phila-Locksmith are looking for more basic locks which are indistinguishable from brand to brand. However, each brand of lock has different specialties and each offers model with different benefits. When you are looking for a more secure lock in your, choosing to research between multiple brands is a must so that you are properly able to decide which model from which brand will be most useful for your security needs.

Medeco Locks

Medeco is one of the biggest names in the lock industry and produces all of their lock right here in the United States. Medeco is a very popular brand among our customers for residential use. Medeco residential deadbolts are specifically popular because of their relatively low cost for a quality lock. While Medeco does have alot of different cylinder and system types, many of their products tend to be more standard locks which are not especially high security. The quality of lock that Medeco produces definitely makes it work the price though, providing customers with years of reliable lock functions.

Master Locks

Master locks are most popular for their combination locks which are a main stay of the brand. Master lock also provides residential locks but the main focus of the brand tend to be in the combination and padlock market. In most cases we would recommend going with a Medeco lock instead of a master lock, simply because for the price differential it is much more logical to go with Medeco, whose focus is on residential locks, than master who focuses more on padlocks. Master lock does offer models of residential locks which are bump proof also.


Mul-T-Lock is another lock manufacturer that offers a pretty wide range of lock solutions. They have been on the cutting edge of allowing you to have more customization as well as security for your commercial and residential locks. With a Mul-T-Lock system nearly any security set-up you wish you wish to have is possible. In many cases we recommend Mul-T-Lock to our commercial clients who want to ensure their building is secure while still offering entrance to a range of individuals.

Adel Locks

Adel locks specializes in bio-metric lock technology. Their locks are some of the most secure systems because they require a fingerprint in order to open the door. Bio-metric locks are normally only recommended in a case where extreme amounts of security are required. The locks themselves look futuristic and are cool gadget that can substantial improve security whether it be commercial or residential.

No matter what type of lock you are looking for, a professional from Phila-Locksmith can install it for you. We also carry many of these models and can get higher security locks for prices well below what home owners would pay. If you are still unsure of the type of lock you would be interested in getting, a locksmith from Phila-Locksmith can help you decide which features are needed to provide the security you need.


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