Locksmith Ends Up Locked Up

A former Boston locksmith looks like he will be behind a lock that he will not be able to pick, after his bail was revoked due to a recent arrest. The locksmith a 29 year old Russian named, Vladimir Romanov, has quite the story for his original arrest. Romanov was a mobile locksmith, it is not know whether he was licensed or not, and he was contracted out to complete the change of multiple locks for the price of $160. What instead happened was that Romanov drilled one lock off and then demanded payment, when the business owner refused to pay him since the service was not complete, Romanov produced a hammer but was fortunately disarmed by multiple bystanders. Talk about customer service!

To top that all off Romanov was arrested on Sunday for public drunkenness when he was found outside of Secretary of State John Kerry’s home. It is locksmith like Vladimir Romanov who, may or may not be licensed, and are giving the locksmith industry a tarnished reputation. Everyday Phila-Locksmith offers professional and courteous service in attempts to reverse the perception of what a mobile locksmith is. News stories like this only make us want to work even harder to deliver you professional service. We are sure that unprofessional locksmiths who give our industry a terrible name will continue to operate, but Phila-Locksmith will also continue to offer professional locksmith service with outstanding customer service. Our coverage area is continuing to grow and we look forward to offering truly professional locksmith services to more and more people as time goes on. With this we hope that we begin to hear less and less about stories like Vladimir Romanov but following his arrest he himself should not be an issue for Boston residents anymore.

For more information on Vladimir Romanov as well as this particular news story visit the Boston Herald


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