This Week at Phila-Locksmith

Phila-Locksmith takes a look back at what had our blog buzzing this week, with our week in review. We bring you the most up to date information regarding locksmith service, technology and our own Phila-Locksmith company. Follow our blog to receive blog posts by e-mail and get the information you need delivered straight to your inbox.

July 6th – Phila-Locksmith Offers Free Car Openings

A week ago Phila-Locksmith announced their policy that they will perform an emergency unlock for free whenever there is a child locked inside of the vehicle. The press release presented a range of reasons to offer this service, any time a child or pet is in the vehicle, especially in the summer weather, it is important to act quickly to avoid unintended tragedies.

July 8th – Fast 5: Professional Locksmith Answers FAQs

On Monday we had the answers to a few frequently asked questions that we get from customers. Covering a range of topics from re-keying, to pricing, to ignition problems you get the answers directly from a professional locksmith. This is a must read for anyone who is doing research into a locksmith service that they want completed.

July 10th – Is your car being targeted by thieves?

Mid-way through the week Phila-Locksmith brought you a break down of this years most commonly stolen vehicles as well as the least commonly sold vehicles. These statistics were released by the Highway Data Loss Institute and hold a large amount of influence on vehicle insurance rates, especially depending on the area in which live. Cadillac Escalade held the title of most commonly stolen vehicle but this year a new vehicle tops the list thanks to the new security systems that come with Cadillac’s.

July 11th – Kiosk to Compete with Locksmiths

A new kiosk is being tested in the New York area at multiple 7-11s that can make copies of some house keys when you are locked out. The service only costs $20 and easily beats the price of an emergency locksmith but Phila-Locksmith has the details on why professional mobile locksmiths would continue to thrive even if these kiosks became popular. Included are also a few reasons why this test sample of kiosks may be the only ones that make it to market.

Additional Notes

Phila-Locksmith brings its service to the Philadelphia area through local locksmith technicians who live in the city that they work in order to provide quick response. What many of our customers already know is that we service more than just the city of Philadelphia with local technicians but we also service northern Delaware, central and southern Jersey, parts of the Lehigh Valley as well as the Philadelphia suburbs. For more information on some of our local locksmiths check the links below.


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