Is you car being targeted by thieves?

The Highway Data Loss Insitute has released their rankings of the most and least likely cars to be targeted by auto thieves. These rankings are based on the frequency of insurance claims, payment per claim as well as the total loss during theft. This years data shows a continuation of a trend that has been true for years, automobile thieves target large SUVs and pick-up trucks more than any other vehicle on the road. This year the number one car that has been targeted by automotive thieves is the Ford F-250 pick-up truck, consistent with the overall trend. However, this is the first time in years that the Cadillac Escalade has not been the number on vehicle for automotive thefts, there are two main reasons for the decrease in Escalade thefts and that is the new anti-theft system that is being installed into newer Cadillac Escalade models as well as the decrease in popularity of the prized luxury SUV. Below are the rankings for the cars with the highest thefts rates according to the HDLI, it is important to keep these in mind because cars that are higher up on the list are not only more likely to be stolen but will also come with a steeper insurance price tag as well.

Vehicle size/type Claim
Avg. loss
per claim
Ford F-250 crew 4WD very large pickup 7.0 $7,060 $50
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew large pickup 6.7 $5,463 $37
Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 very large SUV 6.1 $6,163 $38
GMC Sierra 1500 crew large pickup 6.0 $6,366 $38
Ford F-350 crew 4WD very large pickup 5.6 $7,517 $42
Cadillac Escalade 4WD large luxury SUV 5.5 $6,508 $36
Chevrolet Suburban 1500 very large SUV 5.4 $4,468 $24
GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab large pickup 4.7 $5,908 $28
GMC Yukon large SUV 4.5 $6,276 $28
Chevrolet Tahoe large SUV 4.4 $5,367 $23

It is not all bad new for vehicle owners. The HDLI also released its list of the cars that are least likely to be stolen by car thieves. On the list you will find a collect of different car types that includes mainly small SUVs and mid-size luxury cars. The reason these two groups are scored with the lowest claim rate would be that small SUVs have a very weak resale market while mid-size luxury cars tend to have some of the most effective anti-theft security in the industry. Check out the vehicles that made the list as the least likely to be targeted by auto thieves.

Dodge Journey 4WD midsize SUV 0.4 $5,016 $2
Volkswagen Tiguan 4WD small SUV 0.4 $10,352 $4
Audi A4 4-door midsize luxury car 0.4 $13,803 $5
Acura RDX midsize luxury SUV 0.4 $8,701 $3
Toyota Matrix small station wagon 0.4 $7,782 $3
Lexus HS 250 hybrid 4-door midsize luxury car 0.4 $2,226 $1
Honda CR-V small SUV 0.4 $4,630 $2
Hyundai Tucson 4WD small SUV 0.4 $4,134 $2
Toyota Sienna 4WD very large minivan 0.5 $13,038 $6
Jeep Compass 4WD small SUV 0.5 $5,527 $3

We at Phila-Locksmith remind you to be safe with your car keys and always keep them in a safe place especially if you find your vehicle on the “highest claim rates” list. In addition be mindful to your surroundings and where you park your vehicle, being on a well lit street corner as opposed to a dark alley can mean the difference between waking up to a stolen vehicle. Make Phila-Locksmith the only Philadelphia locksmith that you ever have to call!


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