Phila-Locksmith Offers Free Car Openings


The summer is heating up and Phila-Locksmith wants to make sure that everyone is mindful of the dangers that excessive heat can cause especially to young children, the elderly and pets. Phila-Locksmith offers extraordinary customer service with all of their locksmith services and as an extension of their already outstanding services Phila-Locksmith wants to offer their emergency unlocking services for no charge to anyone who has locked their child or a pet inside. Leaving a child inside of a car on a warm day can cause the temperature of the inside of the car to get dangerously hot in a matter of minutes. In addition to making a call to your local police call Phila-Locksmith for no charge and they will rush the closest technician to your location as fast as possible.

Phila-Locksmith has been known to help the residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware with some of the friendliest service as well as the most fair and honest pricing in the industry. The Phila-Locksmith team is committed to serving the community and want their customers to feel just like their neighbors. Anytime there is a child locked in the car do not delay calling a locksmith because of price call Phila-Locksmith for a no charge emergency unlock.

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Clearly we are taking our commitment to the community very serious. It is not just a matter of customer service to offer free car unlocking when a child is inside, it can actually be quite a dangerous situation. Of course you should always call your local police department in addition to Phila-Locksmith but we will send our nearest technician to your location as quickly as possible to get the child out. Especially in the dog days of summer that we are now going through it can be very dangerous to leave a child or pet in a vehicle for any amount of time. So remember stay safe, play it smart and if an emergency does strike call Phila-Locksmith and we will unlock the vehicle for no charge at all.


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