Contacting Phila-Locksmith Now Even Easier

Customer service is obviously a high priority for us at Phila-Locksmith and we want our customers to be completely satisfied with any service that they may receive from one of our technicians. In addition to great customers service while our technician is working on your home, vehicle or business we are continually improving our customer service that we offer before the service begins.

We have always been about communication with our customers and making it as easy as possible for them to get the information that they need. Now if you are browsing our homepage at you may notice a “chat” bar in the bottom of right of the screen. This now enables you to chat with our team at Phila-Locksmith without having to even pick up the phone. We are making getting appointments, asking questions and requesting service easier than ever for our customers.

Phila-Locksmith offers more ways than anyone else to reach our team of professional locksmith technicians. Through phone, social media, e-mail and now chat, you can request to speak with someone from our outstanding customer service team about you locksmith service. 24/7 we at Phila-Locksmith make it easier to reach and receive locksmith service no matter where you are in the Phila-Locksmith service area.

Unfortunately it seems that some locksmith companies continually offer worse customers service but at Phila-Locksmith we not only talk a big game on customer service but we deliver but constantly evolving the way that we interact with our customers.

For future reference check out some of the ways to contact Phila-Locksmith:

Phone: 215-554-6109


Twitter: @PhilaLocksmith


By Chat or Contact Form:


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