Eviction Turns Deadly For Locksmith

Many times when the police department is called to help preform a lock out they have to call in a professional locksmith to help enter the home as well as to assist in changing the locks to restore access to the owner of the home. Normally these proceedings go smoothly and the locksmith is able to get the job done quickly and be on his way. However, in April of last year a locksmith as well as a police deputy were killed while attempting to complete lock out when they were both shot through the front door. A tragedy to say the least. What ensued was a long SWAT stand off resulting in the occupant of the house taking his own life.

Now the family of the locksmith who was killed in the exchange wants the county to be partly responsible for the tragic death of their loved one. Reports following the deaths of both the deputy and locksmith have shown that the county was aware of the killer’s history of military grade gun ownership as well as mental disease. However recently attorneys for the defense have stated that the locksmith “freely and voluntarily assumed the risk of injury and damage”, hard to believe this sort of assumption will hold any sway in court since most locksmiths do not expect their life to be in danger when performing evictions.

The trial will run its course and we will see who was liable for what on that day but it is a reminder that even occupations that are not normally considered dangerous can still have tragedies such as this. Phila-Locksmith extends its sincerest condolencesĀ to both the family of the fallen officer and locksmith.

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