Locks Glued Shut in Senior Prank

In the Virginia City of Suffolk a high school, King’s Fork High School, received an early morning surprise surprise last week when school administrators arrived on the premises to start the new school day. Police believe that a student prank was the reason that school officials arrived to find that coins had been glued to the cylinder part of the exterior doors of the school. Luckily one of the cylinders was not completely covered and school officials were able to a gain access to the building and open the doors from the outside.

Like many schools King’s Fork has its own locksmith on location who was then tasked with replacing each of the cylinders so that the locks could properly function from the outside. While it is believed to be a high school prank, school officials are reviewing security footage in an attempt to determine the culprit. Currently they are treating the incident as vandalism of public property and are looking to recoup the cost of replacing all of the lock cylinders.

It seems that some of the students were just looking to have some fun or miss a day of class but may have actually found themselves in some serious hot water with the school and police. The locksmith will certainly have his day full dealing with the replacement of each of those cylinders, although it seems like it was all done in good fun.

More information on the situation can be found here.

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