Three Money Saving Lock and Key Tips

Having issues with a lock or key but facing the restriction of a budget? Phila-Locksmith has compiled three money saving tips that can be used to get you the same results that a more expensive service would provide. Why would you waste the money if you are able to get the same results for cheaper? Please note that some of these tips may be more difficult to complete as a homeowner than others, if you have an issues call a professional to prevent further damage. Other than that lets take a look at some of the tips that we have to offer our customers.

Programming Your Own Car Fob or Remote

Most vehicles with remote or fob controllers can be programmed directly with the car, without having to use a separate machine. Not only are you able to do this but there are many blank remotes and fobs available online for purchase for a discounted rate. This is not available for all vehicles but for those that it is available for, owners can save themselves a pretty penny. To begin you can search for a replacement remote that suits your car from an online merchant such as KeylessRide, they have a wide selection of easy to find remotes. If you decide to purchase a replacement remote then check out they have instructions on programming many different makes and models of vehicles. It is to note that you should check to make sure that the instructions for your vehicle are also readily available online, but remember if you do have issues with programming your remote, if you call a professional locksmith they will be able to program it easily for you and you will still save on the cost of the replacement fob or remote!

Choosing Lock Jaw over a Bump Proof Lock

Bump proof locks are an incredible addition to any piece of home security and neutralizes one of thieves biggest tools for entering a locked home. However these locks can be expensive, especially if you have multiple entry doors. However there is a simple solution for regular deadbolts that can allow for you to be more secure within your home. The Lock Jaw is a product that is simple in design but brings a lot to the table when it is combined with a regular deadbolt lock. The Lock Jaw acts as a bolt that keeps your lock in place so that even if a thief is able to bump your lock he will not be able to gain entry to your home because the cylinder will be immobilized. It is easy to install and comes at a bit of a discount when compared to the cost of a bump proof lock.

Get Spares Before You Need Them

After you have already lost your house key, is never the time to think about getting spare keys cut. For most generic locks a hardware store is able to cut a spare key for only a few dollars, this can be a great savings when compared to the price of having your locks re-keyed once you have lost your only key. Even if you only keep your spare hidden in the house at all times, you will still be saving money because the locksmith coming to your home to let you in will not need to change or re-key your lock!

The most important aspect of saving money on home security is to be prepared, it is the real way to save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

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