Ask, Is that the total price?

When calling around to locksmith companies one of the most important questions that you can ask is, is that the total price? This is extremely important especially when price shopping. Most locksmiths split their estimates into two separate prices, a set service call price and then an additional fee which would include both parts and labor. When you are calling into a locksmith company and you hear a price that is somewhere between 15-40 dollars that is likely only the service charge portion. That is why it is important to ask, is that the total price? This will leave you from facing a much higher rate once the technician arrives on scene. Even if the dispatcher over the phone is unable to supply a total price then it is recommended that you speak with the technician himself before he arrives so that you may receive a ballpark estimate.

Most of all make sure to research prices online for mobile locksmith services so you have an idea coming in. No locksmith company can offer to make a car key for a total of 40 dollars, with a little prior research you can find that most car keys generally start around $120 and then vary highly depending on security. So remember to save yourself time or hassle when calling a locksmith to research before hand and make sure to ask all applicable questions for your service. Of course you can always cut the search for a professional locksmith and call Phila-Locksmith to handle your lock and key needs.


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