Local vs. Nationwide Locksmith Companies

There are two main types of companies that complete mobile locksmith services. That is your standard locally run shop, sometimes a family business, which operates specifically in your area and does not have much of a footprint elsewhere. The other type of company that you may also encounter are of the nationwide variety in which a large company that is based in one part of the United States and focuses on the business aspect of locksmithing and then uses independent contractors to complete the work in whatever area it is that you are in. Each type of company has its own benefits and draw backs that should be taken into consideration and we will tell you how Phila-Locksmith is breaking the mold that a normal local locksmith would fit into.

From a local side it is extremely easy for customers to see the advantages and drawbacks. One of the advantages to choosing a local locksmith company rather than a nationwide agency is that the locksmith technician completing your service is likely also the owner of the company which means that he will go the extra mile to give you a good customer service experience because local companies rely heavily on repeat customers and word of mouth. If a local locksmith company is called to the scene and they arrive late or unprepared it is likely that you would not choose them again for service and that owner has lost another prospective customer. Local owners also live directly in the area they serve and can more easily navigate the area and have a head start in getting to a customers location allowing these local owners to offer a faster response time. However, the main drawback to local companies are that they do not offer a full range of locksmith services and may only be able to complete lockouts or simple lock changes, which is fine in certain situations but of no help if you are looking for a new car key.

In comes nationwide companies, they are likely to have a large call center in one area of the country to field all phone calls. From there a job can be received and then sent to an independent contractor in that area to complete. This type of company is normally easier for a beginning locksmith to latch on to because the nationwide company can cover the advertising and call receiving that an aspiring locksmith may not be able to afford. In addition to this the larger nationwide company can use its financial backing, should it choose, to supply the independent contractor with more sophisticated tools and training to complete even more services that before. However, there are plenty of drawbacks to using a nationwide company. The first major concern is the line of communication since information needs to be sent between multiple people across the country when a technician from your area is finally dispatched it is likely a little while after you have called into their center. Once the technician arrives on scene there are a lot of instances that we hear of where independent contractors are rude or attempt to drive up prices to astronomical levels. While this could be anecdotal it is important to look at the facts. This independent contractor is not an owner of the company and is likely unconcerned with the brand image of the company and will not go the extra mile to make a customer happy. In addition this independent contractor is paid on percentage so he will attempt to raise the customers price as high as possible in order to get a better cut for himself. Prices for nationwide companies can actually be higher than local companies because there are so many different employees involved to getting that one locksmith to your home.

Phila-Locksmith breaks the mold of both of these companies by offering a “nationwide” range of services but while still maintaining our commitment to the tri-state Philadelphia area. We supply our locksmiths with the tools and supplies they need to get the service done and fast. To see the extraordinary service that Phila-Locksmith offers in person then call 215-554-6109 for your next locksmith service.


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