Scams Work Both Ways

We have covered a lot of the scams that non-professional locksmith companies use to get over on their customers however as a locksmith company we have seen attempts by previous customers attempting to scam our company. Some customers think it is easy to claim that our locksmith has done damage to their vehicle when opening the door and that there will be no investigation. We at Phila-Locksmith take our commitment to customer service seriously so all complaints by our customers are vigorously followed up on and since all of our technicians are professionals we are able to pinpoint the source of any damage that we may have caused.

This also means that we are able to tell when damage to a car has not been caused by our technician. It is nearly impossible, using the machinery and techniques we employ, to cause damage however we understand that it is still possible in extremely rare circumstances. So in our follow up of all complaints we look to get better so if damage was a result of our technician we are more than willing to rectify the situation, however as a real professional company we know exactly where damage can come from during the unlocking process.

If we did not have our commitment to customer service that helps drive our company then we would not be able to accurately find the source of the damage. In all situations we work with our customers if they have any sort of complaint with our service but it should be noted that scammers beware.


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