Is AAA the best option?

Everyone knows the same, AAA, is the gold standard for roadside assistance across the country. This why when a member of AAA calls in for a new car key or for lockout service they expect to receive a professional locksmith at a reasonable price. However, at Phila-Locksmith we have seen an increase in the amount of our customers who call in saying that they are members of AAA who were guided to a locksmith that wanted to charge them $400 for a car key. If the individual had the money available they would have paid it without questioning because they assumed that AAA would steer them in the right direction. Fortunately for our customer, she gave us a call and we were able to complete the new car key for a total of $170. Now there are other services associated with AAA, but they are sorely lacking in many local locksmith departments and we advise any AAA members to call a licensed locksmith outside of the AAA network to check the price that you receive especially if it is an astronomical amount such as $400.

Currently Phila-Locksmith is working on becoming a local service provider for AAA so that we can begin to offer their members the reasonable price that they deserve. It is important for AAA members to remember that when locksmith services like making new car keys are requested from AAA that you are not receiving a AAA related technician. The technician who comes out to your car is from a local locksmith company which may not have the standard for service that both AAA and Phila-Locksmith offer.

The main moral of the story is to check the prices you receive. You may be lulled into a false sense of security because you are using AAA as a medium, however the locksmith you end up with still may attempt to over charge you.


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