A Lock is Only as Strong as the Frame that Holds It

We talk about wanting to have the highest level of security for your home or business but this does not just mean putting the most expensive lock on your door that has the most sophisticated mechanisms. The entire door frame and entrance way needs to be soundly constructed and fit properly otherwise this could a have a great detriment to your security. Most commonly this is seen on residential doors rather than commercial because of the relatively low amount of up keep that is completed on residential locks and doorways. If your door is not properly fitted into the frame there can be a few problems that will directly arise from this. For example, a door that does not have the correct fitting from a width standpoint can cause the bolt to not fully engage leaving your once powerful lock with a hampered grip of the door frame.

Another instance where an improper fit of the frame can prevent your lock from properly functioning is  if the door is not completely square to the frame. When a door is not square to the door it cause the door to have a slight slant in one direction and this can prevent your lock from properly connecting into the lock position. The strength of the door frame is also a concern, there is no point to having a deadbolt or high security lock on a door with extremely weak wood used for the frame because this will still allow someone to possibly break down the frame itself since the a deadbolt or high security lock would not be forgiving to the frame.

In most cases where you receive both the frame and door as a package unit there are no issues upon initial installation. However, once there has been wear on the door and it is exposed to more variations in temperature problems can arise and it is best to have these issues addressed beforehand rather than after a break in.


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  1. Kendra says:

    This is really great and helpful post. Thanks for sharing this to us and keep posting.

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