Prepare Your Home For Break-In Season

In Philadelphia the weather is heating up and as the weather heats up there is a dramatic increase in the amount of burglaries that are seen nation wide. It is important to be aware of this so you can properly prepare for the summer months and keep your home safe. There are two main reasons that we see more burglaries being committed in the summer months; one being that home owners are more likely to be on vacation leaving more opportunities for burglars to enter and exit undetected. The second reason that there tends to be an increase of burglaries is that it is warmer in the summer months which leads to more people being outside and leads to more windows and doors to be left open. That is why being careful can be one of the most important aspects to keeping your home safe.

Obviously the greatest way to protect you home from burglary is to make sure that your doors are properly locked and windows properly closed, however leaving something unlocked is not the only way a burglary happens. Depending on what level of security you desire it may be smart to install a deadbolt lock onto any exterior door which does not have it, this makes the door more difficult to pick as well as more difficult to kick in. Another smart alternative to your standard lock would be the installation of a mortise lock which creates a more secure entry way than standard cylinder and deadbolt locks.

There are ways to protect your home even when you are on vacation. If you are able to install a security monitoring system on your home, this is the best way to maintain your homes security, but it is not within most family’s budgets to have this luxury. During the summer months when you are on vacation it is extremely important to log on to the Post Office’s website to put a hold on mail deliveries. It is easy to set-up and mail piling up in the mailbox is a dead give away to burglars that no one is home. Having a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers works just as well, if you have trustworthy neighbors that is. When on vacation it is also a good idea to have a member of the family who did not go away to check up on the house everyday. Whether that means stopping by to cut the grass or even just to go inside to eat a meal, it will ward off anyone who may be thinking that you are not home.

Burglary is often a crime of oppurtunity where a criminal sees an opening they had no expected and go for it. This is why Phila-Locksmith believes that one of the best ways to protect your home from burglary is to always be mindful. Remembering to lock all doors and windows is obviously the most important because a high security lock will not do you any good if it is not even locked.




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