Locksmith Terms – Part 3

Our latest additions to The Locksmith’s Glossary can be found in the post below if you missed part one or two, you may want to take quick look.
Anti-passback: system designed to prevent the same credential from using an access control multiple times in a row

Bezel: a collar use secure some cylinder and lock assemblies

Bible: that portion of the cylinder shell which normally house the pin chambers

Cutting a key: making a new key from scratch to replace a missing one

Deadbolt: a lock that is engaged through turning a key or knob rather than by spring action

Deflector cover: metal shield, possibly removable, that is in place to prevent the drilling of a safe

Factory original key: completely cut and finished key that the manufacturer creates for the lock

Key duplication: making a copy of an existing key

Key relevance: the relative difference between the original and duplicate key

Key way: the area of the lock cylinder where the key is inserted

NLSA: National Locksmith Suppliers Association

Re-key: resetting the tumbler of a lock so that it is controlled by a different key

Sash lock: upright mortise lock which is operated by a key

Shoulder (or bow stop): edge of the key that sticks out and determines how far the key is inserted into the lock

Tumbler: mechanism which must be lifted before the bolt of the lock will move

Uncontrolled cross keying: set-up in which two or more keys are purposely designed to open and close the same lock


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