Locksmith Terms – Part 2

Phila-Locksmith is glad to continue our log of locksmith terms to help untrained people understand more of the locksmith industry. Additional locksmith term definitions can be found on both our part 1 terms post and our locksmith glossary page.

Berlin key – key type in which both ends of the key are bitted, after unlocking the door from one side the key must be pushed all the way through the locking mechanism and locked from the inside before is released

Bump key – type of key, different for each set of locks, that allows for easily opening a pin tumbler lock

Bored cylindrical lock – a lock that is drilled using two holes perpendicular to each other one through the face of the door frame and one through the edge of the door frame, most common type of residential lock and is thought of as a standard lock type

Mortise lock – a mortise lock is used by drilling a single hole on the edge of the door frame which the lock is then placed and installed into, slightly more secure than bored cylindrical lock but also requires specialized drilling tools…More on mortise locks

Safe-cracking – the practice of opening a safe without a combination or key

Smart key – wireless access dives which can be used to open a car door and start the ignition without having to insert a key, most cars equipped with this technology also have a back up spare key which operates in a traditional fashion

Time lock – addition lock normally found in banks and other high security locations which only allows a lock to only be opened during a pre-programmed time even if the write combination is entered

Torsion spring – garage door spring which is in the shape of a helix, provides the balance force that allows you to easily raise your garage doors

Check back with us soon for more on our continuing list of locksmith terms!


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