Brain Waves Now Used to Open Locks

In a stunning break through for the human race as a whole, scientists have invented a deadbolt lock which can now be opened using telekinesis. Following years of top secret research in the Swiss Alps the world’s leading neurobiologists in combination with some of the world’s top locksmiths have found a way for the deadbolt to recognize your brain signals and actually unlock just by thinking it! Obviously this has brought shock around the security and scientific worlds as many of the preconceived notions that people had about many aspects of life could change following the discovery of this futuristic technology.


The locksmith industry is scrambling to begin producing as many of these technologically advanced locks as demand for these products is expected to be greater than any lock that has been created before. This has spread fears of brain wave lock shortages. Law enforcement throughout the United States is gearing up, the demand for the lock is expected to be so great that any shortage would surely lead to rioting and general mayhem. Luckily you can pre-order a brain activated lock by clicking here.

No, there has not been a scientific break through that allows you to use mind control on your locks, unfortunately this Jetsons like technology is not available. Happy April Fool’s day from the entire Phila-Locksmith team! While this technology is not available remember that Phila-Locksmith is committed to bringing the most cutting edge locksmith technology to the Philadelphia Area.


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