Burglary Streak in Philadelphia Area

Over the past week we have seen an influx of burglaries in the Philadelphia area and as a security company we want our customers to be aware. The Main Line has been target to a recent string of burglaries that have left home owners out of a large amount of cash and valuables. Specifically within the Main Line, the townships of Lower Merion and Penn Wynne have seen atleast 11 burglaries in the past week alone, raising concern for residents. These townships are specifically being targeted because of their affluence and wealth since criminals believe they can be in for a large score. So far, they have. Burglars made off with nearly $500,000 worth of jewelry, cash and designer bags from one home in Villanova earlier this week, no arrests have been made.

What can residents do to protect themselves from burglars?

In order to defend your home from burglary there are two main aspects you need to take into account; the aesthetic of the house and also the physical security capabilities. From an aesthetic perspective you do not want your home to seem like there is constantly no one in the residence. If you do have to leave your home for multiple days it is important to remember to not leave mail or newspapers to pile up, this is a tell tale sign for burglars that no one is home. Another technique that some people use when not in their homes is to leave a light on. Just giving the burglars an impression that your home is constantly occupied by multiple individuals can be enough to detract them from attempting to break-in.

Of course if a burglar does attempt to break into your home you want your outer layers of defense to be as strong as possible. This is where a professional locksmith can help. A locksmith can install high security deadbolts as well as other security features that will have you feeling at ease. Some residents in the Main Line however are taking even bigger steps. Recently one resident of Villanova decided to install closed circuit television cameras in order to catch any would be burglars in the act.

Remember to stay safe and lock the doors!


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