Phila-Locksmiths Debate: Who has the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia?

For years it has been discussed and intensely debated, who has the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia? Just by asking a few members of the team here at Phila-Locksmith and you find some varying and fiery opinions. So we spoke with a few members of our locksmith team to see exactly who people thought is the King of Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

Jack, Garage Door Repair Specialist: “For myself, it is hard to name exactly one cheesesteak which stands head and shoulders above the rest. However I think that some of the best cheesesteaks I have tasted come from the smaller shops and not the big guys you constantly hear about. Since I operate in a mobile fashion I get a chance to go all around the city to complete different jobs and like to try a different place each time. It’s kinda like you get to sample each section of the city which each have slightly different tastes.”

Joe, Locksmith: “Best cheesesteak? Easy. It’s Geno’s. They’re open all night and there is nothing like completing a lockout in Passyunk late at night and riding straight over for a steak afterwards. The first thing you think of when you think Philly cheesteak is that glowing neon sign, and there is a reason why.”

Steve, Safe Specialist: “When most people think cheesesteaks they go straight for your Geno’s, Jim’s, Pat’s or wherever but I will tell you that my favorite place to get a cheesesteak has to be Chickie’s & Pete’s. The cheesesteak itself not amazingly good but when you get a great combo of a cheesesteak and crab fries, it really makes the meal.”

Mike, Dispatch: “Born in the northeast, I have to go with Steve’s, they just have the best tasting steak. Hands down. You gotta love the american whiz and the roll is what really makes a great cheesesteak.”

It seems that the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia is a crown that can never be decisively won, and will continue to be debated for more time on end. We may not ever know what the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia is but it is clear that the best locksmith service in Philadelphia is clearly Phila-Locksmith.



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