Locksmith Terms – Part 1

Not everyone is an expert in  the locksmith industry so in an effort to expand knowledge as well as understanding of our articles. Philadelphia Locksmith’s team, is going to provide you with a list of defined locksmith terms.

Locksmith Terms

Access Control – physically being able to regulate traffic to a given area

Angularly Bitted Key – type of key bitting that is found most commonly in Medeco and Emhart locks

Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) – the largest organization of locksmiths in the world, drives industry wide advancements through training and education

Biometric lock – requires a physical input such as a finger print input to unlock

Key code – alphanumeric code used by a locksmith to identify the unique cuts needed for a specific key

Key blank -an uncut key that can be cut by a locksmith to fit a specific lock

Master key system – system of locks which can be opened by one key on an individual basis and a “master key” which can open all of the locks

Torsion wrench – lock picking tool used to apply torque to a lock’s pins

Transponder key – automotive key which sends sends an electronic frequency to the cars main computer which only enables that key to start the car

Check back with us soon for our continued locksmith term archive!


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