How A Locksmith Determines Price

To the ordinary citizen lock and key services are a foreign concept that not many people fully understand. This puts people looking for locksmith service behind the eight ball. Exactly how much does it cost to make a Lexus car key or to re-key a lock are common questions that we receive because many people are unsure of what the range can be.

Some unscrupulous locksmiths prey on customers such as thing running up charges of inordinate amounts simply because the customer was not properly informed on normal industry costs. Phila-Locksmith prides itself on only charging the standard cost of service so that we have our customers coming back to us time and time again.

What are prices based on?

Prices on locksmith service differ from company to company simply because of experience or volume of work that the firm completes. However, this range is normally only a small difference unless one of the locksmith companies is attempting to over charge you.

It is important to remember that locksmiths are trained professionals and their time is valuable. This is where the main cost of locksmith service is implemented and can depend on the amount of training that the technician has. The reason for this is that the more sophisticated the service that must be completed the more expensive the service will be.

Re-keying a door, for example, is the cheapest locksmith service that Phila-Locksmith completes and can be done extremely cheaply compared to replacing locks. There still is a difference in price, once again, depending on the level of security that the lock has. This is for two reasons:

  • More sophisticated lock parts are more expensive
  • Higher level security locks are more difficult to adjust

Cars, especially high security, on the other hand are more expensive for multiple reasons:

  • Many other locksmiths can not complete car key services
  • Parts costs are substantially greater
  • Liability

Overall prices for locksmith services range based on the sophistication and security level of the lock. Basically the tougher the job, the more costly it can be.


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