Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Home

As locksmiths it is our duty to help protect your home, business and automobile. At Philadelphia Locksmith we do this by providing a specialist for each field of service. Our residential locksmith technician is a great source to use for increasing the amount of security that you have for your home. Recently we asked our professional technician what his five best methods for protecting your home are and he responded with the following.

1. Using A Deadbolt
Easily at number one for our list is the usage of a deadbolt lock which is a classic choice for home security and is still among the most popular for a home owner.

2. Don’t Leave Spares Outside
It seems like it would be simple enough, leave a key under the front mat or flower pot in case you ever are locked out of your home. However, this makes you exponentially more exposed to burglary. A criminal trying to get into your home likely has the presence of mind to check common hiding spots where residents may leave keys in case of lock out.

3. Keep Gun Safes Locked
For obvious reasons any home owner would not want their own guns to be accessible during a potential break in. This is why we highly recommend the use of a gun safe while also keeping the opening credentials for the safe in a position where an intruder can not easily find them.

4. Preventative Lock Maintenance
Whenever a lock initially becomes an issue or you believe there may be some sort of malfunction it is important to get your lock repaired immediately or at least have it inspected by a locksmith to ensure that your home security can not be easily breached.

5. Remember to Lock the Doors!
It seems so simple but we at Philadelphia Locksmith hear it so many times following break-ins, even the most sophisticated lock in the world can not help if it is not locked. For whatever reason, by leaving your doors unlocked you are creating a situation where your home security is jeopardy. So remember before you turn out the lights or you leave in the morning, lock up!


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