How long is too long?

Philadelphia Locksmith has been wondering, “How long is too long?”. We received a request for service that a customer has called a different locksmith company only to wait upwards of 2 hours and still with no technician arriving. Luckily for this customer we were able to dispatch our local locksmith to his location in only a matter of minutes meaning that we arrived about 6 times faster than our competitors. Phila-Locksmith offers 20 minute response time in emergency situations but we are able to respond in nearly the same time frame for non-emergency situations as well, because you don’t need to wait around all day just for completed locksmith service.

We do recommend that if you are in need of non-emergency locksmith service that you call ahead to set up an appointment, this can be scheduled either same day or weeks in advance.

However, we wonder for other locksmiths “how long is too long?” because in today’s locksmith industry there seems to be no desire for customer service or speedy response. Choose Philadelphia Locksmith for a locksmith who will work with your schedule to get you back on the road in time. Make Phila-Locksmith your first call so that you never have a long wait for a locksmith again!


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