Becoming a Philadelphia Locksmith

We at Phila-Locksmith are proud of the service we provide to the city of Philadelphia because we are among the top in the locksmith industry. There are two main reasons why we are head and shoulders above our competition and those are customer service and highly skilled technicians. Philadelphia Locksmith offers amazing customer service by treating our customers exactly how we would like to be treated, and of course our highly skilled technicians providing flawless service add to the Philadelphia Locksmith experience. However, one may ask exactly how our technicians have come to be so highly skilled and trained.

Becoming a master of any trade requires hard work and plenty of field experience hours, and becoming a locksmith is no different. In order to join our locksmith team at Philadelphia Locksmith you must also go above and beyond that of what a normal locksmith would be required to do. Firstly all of our locksmiths must be friendly and amicable so that they are able to uphold Phila-Locksmith’s commitment to customer service.

The most difficult aspect of becoming a part of the Phila-Locksmith team is the locksmith training. In order to become a technician you begin your journey as an apprentice following one of our skilled technicians around over the course of weeks in order to begin to slowly pick up tools and methods that a locksmith would employ. Following these weeks of field observation multiple tests as well as training exercises are administered in order to judge the amount of knowledge the the prospective locksmith was able to acquire during their field observation. Following this additional workshops or classes may be required to further the prospective locksmith’s knowledge. Following this portion of the training and at the recommendation of the master locksmith as well as our other skilled technicians it may be time for the prospective locksmith to study and take their examination to become a licensed locksmith in the state that they will operate.

Finally, following the successful completion of a license test a locksmith may then begin to operate for Phila-Locksmith if he or she is able to uphold our great customer service experience and keep updated on the most recent locksmith technologies and techniques through taking additional outside classes or attending workshops. So do you have what it takes to be a member of Phila-Locksmith?


5 Responses to Becoming a Philadelphia Locksmith

  1. Kendra says:

    This is indeed a great post. Thanks for sharing this to us and keep posting. This is really helpful.

  2. Marc Possoff says:

    Hi I have what it takes to become part of your team.

  3. headquarters215 says:

    Looking for info on length of time it takes to complete certification, as well as the cost.
    Thank You
    Bill Becker

    • Bill,

      In Pennsylvania there is no official requirement for locksmith licensing at a state level for individuals. There are classes, like the ones being held at Penn Foster, which can take as little as 2 months to complete and cost about $740, and provide you with the basics you need to complete services. Most individuals who want to become locksmith find the best route is to study as an apprentice to an already practicing locksmith, in addition to taking classes.

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