Re-Key an Efficient Alternative

When we lose our keys or have them stolen it can bring a moment of panic because whoever now has your keys has access to your home, business or automobile. The immediate thought that most people have is to have their locks completely changed and have fresh ones installed in order to bring security back to your property.

However, this can be quite expensive especially in a situation where you have multiple locks that need to be changed. This is where you may want to consider having your locks re-keyed. By re-keying your locks a Philadelphia Locksmith technician can replace only the cylinder for your lock leaving the handle and plate as they were while also allowing a new key to be used and rendering the old one ineffective. This is what makes re-keying a great option if you have lost keys to recently installed locks. So if you are looking for the most reasonable solution to your lost key emergency call Philadelphia Locksmith and we will be on site in 20 minutes to bring safety back to your home or business.

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