A Lock By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Safe

Philadelphia Locksmith brings carrys a wide range of locks that vary in their security and purpose. Some of our locking systems are geared more towards commercial interests while others are designed more for residential use in a home or apartment. However we, at Philadelphia Locksmith, find that the most common lock people request whether it is a commercial or residential situation is the deadbolt lock.

The deadbolt lock has been a mainstay of security since the early 1900’s but what people tend to not know is exactly why it is called a deadbolt. What the name actually refers to is the fact that the lock can not be opened by a key from the outside. This means that the lock is actually “dead” rather than a “live” lock which is a lock which you are able to open from the outside with a key. Despite whatever the deadbolt could have been named it still will continue to be a hallmark of home and commercial security and Philadelphia Locksmith has the selection of deadbolts for your home or business.

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