CCTV: Prime Commercial Security

For business owners, a top concern is always making sure that your commercial location is completely secure. There are plenty of precautions which can be taken to prevent loss and thefts, but there is only so much that locks are able to offer you. It would behoove business owners to have an eye in the sky which is constantly looking over what is going on at the business, especially since you are not always able to physically be at the location. Closed circuit television is something that offers just that. Closed circuit television, or CCTV for short, is an unbiased way to see what is occurring at your business. At their relatively low cost, closed circuit television is the top choice for business owners to get the most out of their commercial security.

closed circuit tv camera

Closed circuit television cameras are the top choice for keeping businesses secure.

Benefits of Closed Circuit Television

Choosing CCTV to make your business secure is one of the best steps that you can take in making sure your location is completely secure. By recording everything that is occurring within your store or office, you can catch any thieves directly in the act, with accompanying visual evidence. In addition to catching thieves after the fact, the presence of CCTV cameras can deter thieves from ever striking in the first place.

This is helpful for not only burglars and thieves who are coming from outside of your business, but can also help to prevent internal loss. Whether it is theft from an employee or the misuse of company equipment, having CCTV installed can help you to identify and stop the behavior from happening. Reports and stories from employees could be biased, but a closed circuit television camera offers the most unbiased view of the situation possible and allows for the business owner to handle issues accordingly.

Why choose a locksmith for CCTV?

CCTV installation and maintenance is not the first service that may come to mind when thinking about a locksmith, so why choose a locksmith for that type of service? When you are choosing a locksmith like Phila-Locksmith you are getting not just a lock and key expert, but a security expert as well. Rather than having to deal with multiple companies to find the perfect security for your business, one call to Phila-Locksmith can resolve all of your needs. From lock installation and master key systems to even closed circuit television, our technicians offer you comprehensive commercial locksmith services; allowing you to rely on the same great customer service and quality of work that you expect for any service that is completed.

There are many steps and precautions that a business owner can take to increase the effectiveness of their commercial security, but by far the most effective is to have closed circuit television cameras installed. Contact our professional locksmith today who can provide you with a price quote for the installation of your security cameras. Our locksmith will come to your location and use your input to develop placement of cameras and system that works best for your needs. With easy appointments available during a range of times there is no reason to avoid increasing the level of security at your business.

ICYMI: 5 Ways to Protect your Home

In the beginning of last year, Phila-Locksmith asked some of its professional locksmiths what some of the top tips that they had for homeowners would be. Many of these tips and actions that you can take may seem like common sense, but it takes just one moment of forgetfulness to give thieves and burglars access to your home. This is why we have brought back our five tips for protecting your home, in order to help residents who may not have taken heed of the tips previously.

1. Using a deadbolt lock

By having a deadbolt installed on the entrance doors to your home, you can easily make your home much more secure. Standard knob locks can easily be susceptible to picking and even opened using something as simple as a credit card. While deadbolt may be susceptible to professional lock picks, a deadbolt can protect you from the untrained thief who uses a trick like a credit card to easily enter your home.

2. Don’t Leave Spares Outside

Leaving a spare key outside may be an easy way for you to get yourself back inside if you have lost or forgotten your key, but it is also an easy way for thieves to get into your home while you are not there. One of the first places that a burglar will check for a key is in many of the so called “hiding places” that a person would think about leaving a spare key. By skipping the spare left outside and simply remembering to bring your house keys with you, you can eliminate one easy access option that a thief would have.

3. Keep Gun Safes Locked

For many reasons you want to make sure that your firearms are securely locked inside of a gun safe should a break-in occur, especially if you are not in the home at the time. It is also recommended to keep the access, whether it is keys or a code, in a well hidden location so that your firearms can not be stolen by a burglar. Additionally a gun safe can help to provide security for homeowners who have children and want to limit any possible access that the child may have to a firearm.

4. Preventative Lock Maintenance

Locks can jam or malfunction for a majority of reasons. If there is a chronic issue with your locks function, even if it seems minor, it is highly recommended to have your lock inspected by a locksmith. A small issue can easily manifest itself into a lock problem that can compromise the security of your home. Head-off any possible security breaches by taking preventative maintenance action on your locks.

5. Lock the doors!

As mentioned in our previous article, one of the biggest reasons that our technicians see break-ins occur, is simply because the entrance door lock had not been armed. No matter how much energy and money you spend on residential security, if you forget to arm your lock it can all be for naught. Whether it is before you go to bed, or before you leave the home, always remember to arm your lock and bring the keys with you.

While these five tips are useful there are also a wide range of locksmith services and other preventative actions you can take to have your home become a less appealing target to potential thieves and burglars. Our technicians are always aiming to give customers the knowledge and hardware that they need in order to help to better protect their home and valuables.

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Winter’s Effect on your Locks

Winter is coming! Not only does this mean it is time to bring out the heavy jackets and that snow could soon be on the way, but it could also mean functional issues with your locks. For homes, businesses and especially automobiles, the combination of cold and moisture can greatly effect the way that your lock functions. The elements can make it more difficult to open your lock, or can make it completely disabled. Phila-Locksmith is here to provide you with helpful tips and information that will help you to defend against the winter elements.

As you may be able to remember from elementary science class, the cold causes molecules to contract, while the heat causes them to expand. Doors are no different than any other molecule and wooden doors are most susceptible to this slight change in size. By having a lock that is misaligned by just fractions of an inch, it can easily become worn or malfunction. This is why having a lock correctly installed by a professional can be key to ensuring a longer life time. If you have a lock that is installed on an exterior wooden door, nonprofessional installation can be very obvious during the change of season as the door expands of contracts. Since the wooden door is contracting or expanding it can misalign a lock which was not properly installed to account for the change in temperature. Unfortunately, when this occurs and your lock becomes misaligned, there is not a home solution to the problem. In order to rectify the misalignment is it recommended to have a professional realign your lock so that it will function no matter which season it is.

While contraction and expansion may effect your commercial or residential lock, automotive locks are not commonly effected by the weather this way because of the composition of its parts. A more common issue for vehicle owners is their locks freezing completely. This can occur when moisture is trapped inside of the lock and is solidified, especially if the vehicle is left outside in the cold for an extended period of time. The solution to this issue is much easier than that of expansion and contraction. Before you make the call for a professional locksmith there are two ways to prevent or reverse a frozen lock. The first is to lightly heat your car key before inserting into the lock to warm the frozen lock. This method can be dangerous and cause damage to your key or lock if done improperly. The second method is to store your vehicle in a garage if possible. By storing your vehicle in a garage it can keep the vehicle from getting cold enough for the moisture inside of the locks to freeze. Unlike your home’s lock, which has one end on your interior heated side, an automotive lock on an inactive vehicle will have a much higher chance of freezing.

Some people may look forward to the hot chocolate and snowfall that accompanies the coming winter season, while others dread the cold. Whichever one your are, use these tips to prevent yourself from having your security or access restricted by old man winter. Have more questions about how the cold can effect your security? Post in the comments section below or call to Phila-Locksmith to discuss which options and methods may be best for keeping your lock effective, even during the dead of winter.

How can a commercial locksmith assist you?

Having a professional commercial locksmith that you can rely on will help to keep the security of your business in functioning order at all times. There are a wide range of ways that a commercial locksmith can help to protect your business, outside of simply installing a few ne locks. By choosing a locksmith with professional experience and training business owners can get the most out of their security budgets and spend more money on the revenue producing parts of their business. One commercial locksmith that you can rely on is Phila-Locksmith. Below are some of the services that our professional can provide for you that can help to make your business more secure.

Master Key System

Master key systems are a great way to have convenient access to your business for every individual, without having to compromise the integrity of your security. When a master key system is installed, our commercial locksmith re-keys your existing locks so that they are able to be operated by a new key. Depending on how secure you want a specific lock, our technician can allow for a different key to operate said lock. This enables business owners to access every lock in the store with just one key, while being able to easy delegate access for one specific lock to an individual employee. Our professional can even complete a master key system across multiple locations, allowing you to access all of the locks, in each of your locations with just one convenient master key.

Closed Circuit Television

CCTV may not be the first service that you think of when a mobile locksmith comes to mind, but a professional commercial locksmith like the technicians at Phila-Locksmith can also provide the installation and maintenance of these security systems. Nothing is more reassuring to business owners than the idea that their location is constantly being recorded by security cameras. Not only do secure cameras allow business owners to easily identify thieves, but it also acts as a deterrent that prevents them from striking in the first place.

Lock Installation

Having your locks properly installed is a key to ensuring their continued and unit erupted functions. Misalignement by just fractions of an inch can cause your lock to malfunction and leave your security vulnerable to attack. By choosing a professional to complete your lock installation you can prevent the need for additional repair services and potential loss that can occur from a breach of security. Phila-Locksmith carries a wide range of commercial grade locks for you to choose from to find the perfect fit of security level and cost for your location.

In addition to the services mentioned above, Phila-Locksmith also offers many more commercial services which can be completed for your business. Call today to discuss your security options with one of our professional locksmiths. They are available 24/7 to assist you and can provide you with a no obligation price quote for your locksmith services. Why choose an unprofessional contractor to complete your locksmith services? Choose a professional like Phila-Locksmith and avoid the need for residual maintenance and repairs.

Assa Abloy Joining Smart Technology Fray

The largest producer o0f locks in the world, Assa Abloy, is turning its focus to the largest emerging market for locksmiths and lock makers. This emerging market is the production of smart technology enabled phones. The Sweden based company has already been beaten to the punch by numerous smaller American companies, but is still looking to use it clout as the largest lock maker in the world, to force their way into the smart lock market. Smart locks look to give home and business owners the utmost in convenience. Not only can customers easily access their locks directly from their phones, but sending time specific access to other individuals who have smartphones is as easy as pushing a button.

Why look to smart locks now?

There are many reasons that getting into the smart lock industry is a wise move for all established lock companies, however those companies which have selected to just begin development now are already behind schedule. The August Smart Lock has already begun to be shipped to those customers which pre-ordered the product and Lockitron is looking to do so in the near future. Specifically August will be available to the residential market by October of this year, making it one of the first mass produced smart locks to hit the market. This release should be buoyed by the fact that August now has a deal with Apple that will allow for the most easy access possible from iPhones.

This quick action by smaller start-up companies should not scare a lock manufacturing behemoth like Assa Abloy. Due to their large scale distribution and development capabilities it would not be a shock that Assa Abloy were able to quickly develop and send to market a smart lock which rivals the functions of August and Lockitron. Assa Abloy would be smart to capitalize on this as soon as possible now that smart locks are projected to be a 3.6 billion dollar industry within the next five years this would be a sharp increase of the current number of 261 million dollars. Assa Abloy have gone on the record to say that they know this is likely a technology that customers will desire and they want to be at the forefront of production once smart locks become common enough for mass production.

In Assa Abloy’s case, they must hope that they have not already missed the boat in regard to smart locks. With smaller companies like August and Lockitron already hitting the market, it would behoove Assa Abloy to develop a plan for expansion into smart technology as soon as possible. With technological prices decreasing, as smart phone use increases, these smart locks are poised to make a huge boom in use. It remains to be seen if it will be easy for Assa Abloy to enter the fray, when they do decide to, but the partnership that August has with Apple puts August in the best position to be successful going forward. It will be interesting to see what Assa Abloy is able to produce or if their share of the market will be much smaller due to delayed response to customer desires.

Safety Concerns as Digital Key Duplication Increases

More and more service providers are getting into the digital key duplication business. The premise is solid and seems to help homeowners avoid a great deal of hassle. All a homeowner has to do is take a picture of the front and back of their key and send the pictures off to a key duplication service for cutting and then shipping back to your location. The entire process takes just a few days and can have you with a spare key in just a few minutes. However, this ease has draw security concerns from some sceptics who believe that having key duplication so widely available in a digital manner can lead to an increased security risk.

One of the biggest security concerns is the ability for another person to take a picture of your house or apartment key for duplication, without you knowing so. Digital key duplication services fight this possible security concern by making the users input both a picture of the front and the back of the key. Key duplication companies claim that only an authorized user would have the time to take a close-up of both the front and back of the key. Additionally, if someone did make a copy of your key and use it to break into your home, key duplication companies claim it is easy to track these violators down thanks to the credit card that they would need to use, in addition to the billing address provided with this credit card. While these ideas seem solid at first glance, it seems that there are ways for criminals to get around the security of digital key duplication services.

Of course in addition to security concerns that surround the physical safety of your key, many potential digital key duplication service users are concerned about the safety of their keys once the picture is sent to the duplication company. So far there have been no security breaches for any of the major digital key duplicators in the United States, but it still stands to see whether there become more security concerns as hackers become more aware of these increasingly popular service. Duplication companies claim that they are doing everything in their power to ensure that your keys stay as secure as possible while in the duplication process. In addition to their security measures, check out some of our safety tips below.

Tips for keeping your house keys safe

  • Keep keys in your pocket rather than an exposed lanyard or belt loop
  • Never give an individual an entire key ring, only the key they need
  • Use keys that say “Do Not Duplicate”
  • Keep spares in a secure location

At the moment it seems that key duplication services are doing enough to keep customers safe, however is that concern worth the hassle saved by going to your local hardware store. Many hardware stores complete the duplication of standard house keys for just a few dollars and make an easy way to have spares made for your home. Unfortunately for vehicle owners, digital key duplication services do not have the capacity to provide you with replacement car keys. Remember to always ensure that the digital key duplication company you are choosing is reputable, after all, they will now have access to the piece of equipment that keeps your home inaccessible to outsiders.

Common Chrysler Car Key and Ignition Problems

It can be a very unsettling feeling, not being able to start your vehicle, and can leave you completely stranded. Our professional technicians are trained to handle any problem that may arise from your key or ignition and will have you quickly back out on the road again. We have found that cars produced by the same manufacturer tend to have the same causes of ignition and key malfunction. Below we have detailed some of the most common Chrysler car key and ignition issues that may effect your the function of your vehicle.

Two problems that you may encounter with the key and ignition of your Chrysler are that your key will not turn in the ignition, or the key can become stuck in the ignition itself. You may think that an issue like this may be caused by your car key, but the problem can actually be caused by the ignition. By calling Phila-Locksmith you can make sure that you will have service completed by a professional who will be able to solve any issue that you may be having with your Chrysler ignition. Inside of your car’s ignition there are small wafers which give the ignition a unique fit for your specific key. When these become damaged or are shifted out of position this can cause the key to not function properly.

chrysler car keys

Phila-Locksmith has car keys for just about every Chrysler model including transponder and remote keys.

If you request to have your Chrysler ignition fixed by Phila-Locksmith, you know that our professional will be able to complete the service for you. If your key will not turn in the ignition or becomes stuck, the first thing that our locksmith does is remove the ignition cylinder from its housing. Once the cylinder has been removed our professional will check the integrity of the ignition to determine if it will be able to function once the service has been completed and the ignition reinserted in the housing. There are two options for your Chrysler ignition service from here; if the ignition is still functioning our technician can change the wafers, if not the entire ignition must be replaced with a new one.

chrysler ignition

Pitcured above is a Chrysler ignition cylinder with replacement wafers pictured as well.

By replacing the wafers in your vehicle’s ignition, our technician is able to return your ignition to functioning order, but must also cut you a brand new car key. This is because those wafers act similarly to the pins inside of your average house lock. In order for the key to fit inside of the ignition where the wafers have been replaced, a new key must be cut to those unique wafers. By replacing wafers when possible rather than having the entire ignition switched, you are able to save a greet deal of money on your ignition service. Dealerships will not attempt to replace wafers and will simply replace your entire ignition no matter what the issue is. This leaves you paying much more than necessary for your Chrysler ignition service.

Whichever ignition or car key problem that you may be encountering, count on Phila-Locksmith to be able to resolve the issue for you, without the need for a towing charge. Our technicians can also help you to save money by completing professional repair services which the dealership is simply unwilling to offer. No matter which model Chrysler you may have, choose Phila-Locksmith to be able to assist you with car key and ignition services, 24/7.

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First August Smart Locks Begin Shipping

Coincidentally, last August Phila-Locksmith profiled the August Smart Lock which was getting ready to hit the residential security market. The first pre-orders for these locks began to ship last week and customers must be ecstatic about finally receiving their smart locks. August Smart Locks offer homeowners convenient access to their home’s lock anywhere in the world. This allows for owners to allow access to their friends and family, even if they are running late. Since you can arm and disarm your from anywhere in the world, you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door again, you can simply double check from the app on your smart phone.

The shipping date for August smart lock pre-orders had been delayed, however, this may be a welcomed delay for customers. The delay is believed to have been caused by August’s integration with the Apple HomeKit on the iOS 8 system. Apple’s HomeKit allows for  iOS 8 user to be able to access multiple home security apps from one convenient universal home security app. This also includes Siri integration, for even easier access through voice command.

august smart lock

The August Smart Lock puts the security of your home right in the palm of your hand.

Pre-orders were available for the discounted price of $199.99, but once the August Smart Locks hits markets in October, the price will be $249.99. The August Smart Lock is one of a few smart technology enabled locks which Phila-Locksmith has profiled, however; it is the first of these residential smart locks to hit the market.

Customer reviews after these pre-orders ship should be very telling about the reliability and usefulness of the smart lock itself. At first glance, it seems that the August Smart Lock would be a smart and sensible purchase for anyone who is looking to improve the amount of convenience that they have in their residential access. Integration with the iOS 8 operating system should give the popularity of August a big boost, as they look at trying to capitalize on the popularity of Apple’s iPhone.

SUV with Push-to-Start Car Key Stolen

(VIA Q13 Fox News) Push-to-start car key systems are suppose to increase the security of your vehicle, while also increasing the amount of convenience that you have when accessing your vehicle. For one car owner in Seattle this was not the case. The father stopped at a gas station to get a cigar with his 10-month-old in the back seat of the vehicle. When he left the vehicle to go into the store he left his 10-month-old in the vehicle, which Phila-Locksmith reminds you is highly dangerous.

The father was in line at the store when he noticed a man quickly open his car door and jump inside. The father then quickly ran outside pleading with the vehicle to thief to not take the vehicle with his child inside. Since the keyless fob was in the father’s pocket, when he exited the store he was back in range of the vehicle to read the fob and start the vehicle. At this point the thief started the car and took off with the 10-month-old baby in tow. Just a short while down the road, the thief ditched the vehicle and the child, both of which were recovered safely. Witnesses who saw the man jump out of the vehicle had to stop in from rolling down the street, since the man jumped out in such a rush that he had not even put the vehicle into park.

The question remains how the vehicle was able to start even though the key fob was not inside of the vehicle. Most keyless start vehicles claim that the engine will not start unless the fob is inside of the vehicle, but there have been multiple cases where a keyless fob has been able to start a vehicle from outside. Another concern with this story is another parent leaving their child alone in a vehicle. While a situation like this may be unlikely, why risk the safety of your child? The 10-month-old was completely alright when police recovered the vehicle. Police also took the thief into custody at a restaurant just blocks from where he had ditched the ride. Keep an eye to see if vehicle manufacturers will change the technology in their push-to-start systems in the near future as vehicle owners look for security that they can rely on. After all, what good is convenient access to your vehicle, if everyone has convenient access to the vehicle?

Police Officer Charged With Animal Cruelty

(VIA Billings Gazette) A police officer in Wyoming is facing animal cruelty charges after leaving a K9 police dog in a locked car for over seven hours. The black lab who had been with the police force for seven years died as a result of this. Officer Zachary Miller arrived with the K9 around 5:30AM to begin a shift and did not go to retrieve the dog until about 1:00pm in the afternoon. While Miller is still being employed by the police department, he is not currently on active duty. The officer faces a fine of up to $750 and a maximum prison term length of six months. Not only was the police dog, Nyx, not only a seven year veteran of the police department, but also lived with Officer Miller’s family. The police chief, Bryon Preciado, said that, “If he violated the law, then he should be held accountable just like anybody else”, in regards to Officer Miller’s connection to the death of Nyx. This in no doubt true, however, the current charges that the officer faces are hardly stiff enough.

There has been a surge in the amount of storied regarding both children and pets who have been left in locked vehicles. A police officer, of all people, should be aware of how dangerous that leaving someone or an animal in a locked car can be. It is reported that by the time the officer returned to his vehicle, the temperature outside the vehicle had gone from 53 to 86 degrees. This is clearly unacceptable behavior from a police officer. In many other cases, where the perpetrator has not been a police officer, the punishment has been much greater. Whether this is a result of lenient prosecution simply because he is a police officer, or a simple lack of appropriate punishment on the books has yet to be determined.


The dog pictured above is Nyx. The black lab police dog who was left in a locked car for over seven hours.

In many cases where an ordinary civilian injures a police K9, the citizen is charged as if the police dog is an extension of other officers. With Officer Mills only facing a slight slap on the wrist, in addition to still being employed by the department, it seems that the precedent is not the same if the perpetrator is a police officer. It will be interesting to see if there are additional charges which may be coming down the line for Officer Mills, or if he will be put back onto the active police force. More animals and children are making front page news for being left in a locked vehicle by their guardians. It is amazing that people still continue to commit the same egregious mistakes as these stories become more and more common place.


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